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    patrick holohan

    This is Pat Holohan from Fire Memories Antiques in Kankakee, IL. We have been collecting & selling Fire Memorabilia for 35 years and now have a “Fire Barn” Sales Building in Rural Kankakee. We also have a web site called http://www.oldfirestuff.com and Facebook Sites: “Oldfirestuff For Sale”, “Oldfirestuff Fire Barn”, “Fire Hydrant Collecting by Oldfirestuff”, & “Fire Memorabilia & Decorating Around The Home & Garden”. Just ask to Join any of these. I also am a co-chairman of the “Mabas 19 Fire & Police Swap Meet” in Peotone, IL with our 6th Annual Event scheduled for March 17th, 2018. That can also be found on Facebook under ‘Mabas 19 Fire & Police Swap Meet”.
    Our “Fire Barn” is packed full of all types of fire memorabilia including many types of surplus apparatus parts. We typically are open on the weekends or by appointment during the weekdays. contact us at 815 932 9877 or email oldfirestuff@gmail.com or Message us on Facebook. We also do 12-14 Shows a year around the country. Find our “Show Schedule” on Oldfirestuff.com.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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